This page contains all the random EE-related things that don’t fit neatly into the other sections of the web site.  Feel free to pass on any submissions for this section – use the e-mail link in the top bar.


Modern Bison

This was a 3-piece pre-EE band featuring Jonathan on drums/vocals, Jeremy on guitar/vocals and Mike Carswell on guitar/vocals.  They released an EP in 2006 (a year before EE started) called ‘I Could’ve Had A Rustic Pagoda’.  There were only 100 individually numbered copies of the EP released by Tunbridge indie record label ‘Unlabel’.


Man Alone

Man Alone was a full-length film that Jonathan wrote and directed.  It dates from 2005 which was when Jonathan was at university in Salford.  There’s hardly any information about this on the internet, other than a blog post by Ben Swithen, who was lucky enough to have been given a copy by his Aunt. Apparently the film featured 5 songs, some of which contained the musical talents of Jeremy Pritchard, and were originally available on a CD.  If anyone can share the film or even just the soundtrack, please get in touch!

Read Ben Swithen’s blog post about Man Alone