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Interview: Everything Everything at SXSW

A new interview with the band was published today on the music blog “live4ever”, although it actually happened the other week when the band were at SXSW.  It’s well worth a read and has a bit of a different feel to some of their other recent interviews. In it they (the band members responding to the questions aren’t identified) talk about playing in the USA, the state of the music industry and the challenges of reaching new audiences. Here’s an excerpt:

“The Internet is a technological development that’s affected everything. It’s levelled the playing field, which is a good thing, but also means that you have to try and be seen by more people because it’s cheaper to make records. Cheaper to market them on social media, which is free. We don’t make any money at all from sales. Not even in the UK where we sell pretty well. It just doesn’t happen to any artists anymore, they make money in other ways.”

Read the whole piece HERE

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Review: Everything Everything at SXSW

Austin.360 have just posted a review of EE’s rather eventful time in Austin this past week! Technical issues, illness and the weather all conspired against the band but they still managed to finish on a high with a great show last night.

“Everything Everything takes a heart of R&B and Frankensteins it inside a body made of shouted harmonies, jagged guitar, and out-of-sync clockwork rhythms from a drumline of booming, banging drums and chirping insect heartbeats. It also felt wonderfully British: There were hints of Radiohead and other times where the band sounded like an Elbow record played at double-speed.”

Read the whole review HERE

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News: Everything Everything on the radio at SXSW

Alex and Jonathan appeared on 101x, an Austin-based radio station earlier today.  As well as an interview, they also did an exclusive acoustic performance.  You can listen back to these via Soundcloud:

They also appeared on another station 96.5 The Buzz and played their acoustic version of Distant Past for a feature called ‘Live From Jeriney’s Room’. Watch the video here:

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