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Gallery – Everything Everything in the Studio working on Album 4

Everything Everything have been posting regular photo updates as they write and record Album 4. Locations include the band’s rehearsal studio in Manchester, Parr St Studios in Liverpool and Angelic Studios in Northamptonshire and show the band working with producer James Ford.  Most of these have been posted on their Instagram but have also been occasionally tweeted or put on their Facebook page. We’ve brought all these photos together into an album so that they can be enjoyed as a collection on our Gallery page HERE and we’ll continue to add new ones as they’re posted.  

The Gallery page also has an album of photos the band posted while they were working on Get To Heaven.

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Review: The Academy, Dublin

Golden Plec wrote a fantastic review of Everything Everything’s opening gig of their UK and Ireland Tour at The Academy in Dublin.  Here are some quotes:

The set kicks off with To the Blade, and from that moment there is not a second of silence; any pauses between songs are filled with hollers, claps, cheers and yells. At various intervals the crowd chant “Ev-ry-thing! Ev-ry-thing!”, to which Jonathan Higgs responds with modest glee. “I don’t think anyone has ever chanted for us before.” he says.

The warm rapport between crowd and band rarefies the air – the crowd know every word, whistle and pause, singing along with such fanatical fervour that at one point Higgs shoots a glance to bassist Jeremy Pritchard and mouths, “Jesus Christ.” Addressing the crowd: “You guys are fucking mental… that’s Dublin for you.” 

Check out the whole review here, plus loads of stunning photos like this one:

Golden Plec review of Dublin EE Gig

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Photos: Boardmasters 2015

Some great photos from Everything Everything’s Friday evening performance on the main stage at the Boardmasters festival in Cornwall, taken by Andrew Hobbs.  I love that EE always seem to play when the sun is setting and it makes for some lovely shots – see this one from their previous performance in 2013.  The page has all the photos the photographer has taken during the course of the evening but the EE shots are numbers 70 to 79.

Here’s my favourite: http://www.andrewhobbsphotography.co.uk/boardmasters-2015-friday/e52502ed5

Link to all the photos

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