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News: At The Border’s Q&A with Everything Everything

Our very special and exclusive Q&A with Everything Everything is now available!  We were really delighted that the band were able to answer so many fan questions and would like to thank them for taking the time.  A big thank you also to all the fans who submitted such interesting and varied questions.

Please check it out and share with fellow fans and anyone who might be interested.

Q&A Part 1

Q&A Part 2

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News: At The Border Fan Q&A!

UPDATE: We’ve received loads of questions for EE, thank you very much! Due to the volume of questions, we’re unable to accept any additional submissions now but perhaps we’ll get the opportunity to do another of these interviews in the future.

At The Border is celebrating its one year anniversary next month and we’re delighted to announce that Everything Everything have very kindly agreed to do an exclusive interview, just for us!  Not only will they answer our questions, but they’ll also answer some of yours too!!  We want to collect as many of your questions as we can and then we’ll put them all to the band.  It’ll be up to the band which questions get answered but we’ll make sure all answered questions are credited and posted here afterwards.

interview details

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Video: Alex & Jonathan Acoustic in San Diego

Before Everything Everything embarked on their US tour with The Joy Formidable in March, they stopped in San Diego and recorded an acoustic session and interview for local DJ Tim Pyle.  They played the usual favourites Regret and Distant Past, plus To The Blade (I think this is the first time we’ve heard an acoustic version of the loud album opener!)

Click HERE to read Tim Pyles’ blog and view all four videos.

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Interview: Jonathan in Chicago

Christopher Friedman from Artist Direct Interviews chatted to Jonathan before Everything Everything’s Chicago gig earlier this month.  It’s worth a read – many of the questions are ones we’ve seen answered before but it was interesting to see Jonathan talking about his time in the US and also a little bit more about album 4!  Here’s an excerpt:

CF: The first album; has it had any influence on how you went about 2015’s Get to Heaven?

JH: Yeah, of course. It did. We came out of the box doing lots of kind of weird stuff. And then we kind of reigned it in on the second album and then we kind of mixed it for the third album. The third album was kind of putting up everything we learned back together. And thinking we don’t want to lose this, we don’t want to lose this, and we have to do this. So yeah, everything you do kind of do in the past influences what you do next. Every album is a reaction to the last album in some way. Maybe we will do like a Country album next.

I’m sure he’s joking about EE doing a country album…he’d better be!!!  Read the whole interview HERE

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News: US Interview and Video

A couple of media things appeared yesterday: first was an interview for GrooveVolt with Jeremy and Michael before their New York City gig last week.  It was mostly about the writing of Get To Heaven, which of course is still a new release in the US.  Here’s a nice quote about Jonathan’s lyric writing!

“It’s Jon who writes the lyrics, but we usually make the titles, having written lyrics since he was 10, so he’s very well versed. He’s very conscious of cliche, and wanting to avoid it. He’s not particularly literary or well read, and doesn’t like fiction, but he is very useful. Jon is just quite analytical in general, but we don’t think he has formally thought about or studied it.”

Read the whole interview HERE

Secondly we have a video interview and acoustic performance of Distant Past, recorded on a LA rooftop right at the start of the US tour for Balcony TV:

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Interview: Alex & Jonathan talk to Total Guitar Magazine

An interview with the two guitarists in the band was published on Music Radar today.  A writer from Total Guitar magazine chatted to Jonathan and Alex while they were on their headline UK tour last November and in the interview the two talk about their musical education, influences and experience and how they write for and play their guitars.  It’s fascinating to read a more detailed piece, especially following the equally interesting interview with Michael in Rhythm recently.  I’m not sure if this interview appears in print at all but you can read the whole thing online.  Here’s an excerpt:

Alex: “Once a song is filled up with all of these great sounds do you really want to play big chords and strum? No, it would be a mess. You have to think about the sonic space that is left over. That’s how it was for the first two records. On the new album we made a conscious effort to write from a guitar point of view.”

Read the whole interview HERE

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Interview: Everything Everything at SXSW

A new interview with the band was published today on the music blog “live4ever”, although it actually happened the other week when the band were at SXSW.  It’s well worth a read and has a bit of a different feel to some of their other recent interviews. In it they (the band members responding to the questions aren’t identified) talk about playing in the USA, the state of the music industry and the challenges of reaching new audiences. Here’s an excerpt:

“The Internet is a technological development that’s affected everything. It’s levelled the playing field, which is a good thing, but also means that you have to try and be seen by more people because it’s cheaper to make records. Cheaper to market them on social media, which is free. We don’t make any money at all from sales. Not even in the UK where we sell pretty well. It just doesn’t happen to any artists anymore, they make money in other ways.”

Read the whole piece HERE

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