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Interview: Brighton’s Finest

More of an article than an interview on Brighton blog ‘Brighton’s Finest’, but includes a few quotes from Michael.


It feels like in the west that capitalism is something we’ve just grown up with, and it’s our way of life. On the whole, we are a kind of Godless society, and in the west there is this sense of not knowing what is meaningful any more. And then on the other side you’ve got this religious extremism, where they do really feel vehemently about what they are fighting for. Obviously, we can say they are wrong and that some of them are terrorists. But, It’s interesting looking at those two sides; apathy on one side – ‘isn’t the world awful. Never mind, I’ll go and get a coffee from Starbucks’ and on the other side some people are willing to kill themselves.

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News: XFM Session

Emma and I were very lucky to go to a special XFM Session in London at the beginning of June. We had a little chat with the band beforehand and then watched them perform four songs (Regret, Distant Past, Spring/Sun/Winter/Dread and No Reptiles) and also answer a load of audience questions.

Session souvenir

Session souvenir

Emma and Emma meet EE

Emma and Emma meet EE!

The videos have just been posted on the XFM web site and I highly recommend checking them out.

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