Golden Plec wrote a fantastic review of Everything Everything’s opening gig of their UK and Ireland Tour at The Academy in Dublin.  Here are some quotes:

The set kicks off with To the Blade, and from that moment there is not a second of silence; any pauses between songs are filled with hollers, claps, cheers and yells. At various intervals the crowd chant “Ev-ry-thing! Ev-ry-thing!”, to which Jonathan Higgs responds with modest glee. “I don’t think anyone has ever chanted for us before.” he says.

The warm rapport between crowd and band rarefies the air – the crowd know every word, whistle and pause, singing along with such fanatical fervour that at one point Higgs shoots a glance to bassist Jeremy Pritchard and mouths, “Jesus Christ.” Addressing the crowd: “You guys are fucking mental… that’s Dublin for you.” 

Check out the whole review here, plus loads of stunning photos like this one: