Here’s an interview with Jeremy that Rabbie discovered yesterday on  Unfortunately for most of us, it’s in Polish but ATB follower and EE fan Pands (@gaysers) has been able to translate it!

Link to original interview

Translated text:

Interviewer: Soon you are coming to Poland to promote your new album – what are the first associations you make with our country?

Jeremy: Hmm, the first thing on my mind is that it will be the third time we will be in Poland. The first time we were here in Cracow at the Coke Live! Festival, next time in Łódź supporting Muse. This gig will be our first club concert here and we can’t wait for that. Besides that, we have never seen Warsaw, but heard a lot about it.

I: So which ones do you like more – festivals or club gigs?

J: Those are two different disciplines. I’m always more excited to do club gigs, as these are for fans, who often know all your songs off by heart and experiencing that is one of the best things in the world. Crowds at festivals can often be indulgent towards you. Besides that festivals are often much bigger undertakings, and crowds can be very surprising. You never know how many fans will stay till the end of you set – everyone wants to go somewhere else.

I: I don’t know if you remember, and if not, if you heard that some artists consider polish fans to be the best in the world. Everyone is praising us for our behaviour at gigs.

J: Yes, I remember and that’s why I can’t wait to play in Warsaw. During our tour with Muse, we learned, that the further east you go the better are the gigs and crowds. I hope that soon we will play even more gigs in eastern Europe!

I: That’s a great compliment, thanks!

J: (laughs) If I can flatter polish people, I will. When we supported Muse, the gig in Łódź was the best of the whole tour. You were great.

I: That’s really nice, thank you. Let’s talk about your last album now. „Get To Heaven” is the third LP in Everything Everythings repertoire. Did you feel pressure while working on it?

J: Not really. I mean, it was harder. Pressure existed, but we didn’t talk about it out loud. Everyone of us felt that, we set ourselves the bar very high and wanted to fulfill it. So yes, there was pressure, but it was coming out of the band members, and not fans nor the label. It was for sure the hardest album to make. Besides keeping the balance between the difficult subjects and enjoyment in listening wasn’t easy either. But I think, we mastered that in a better way than we thought.

I: Why?

J: I thought we will make people sad showing what we did on „Get To Heaven”. But the complete opposite happened. I think that says something good about everyone. About us, because we did what we did, and about fans, because they understood our concept, accepted it and love it.

I: On the album you bring u many „global problems”. Weren’t you worried that those are too dark/difficult subjects and people won’t listen to it?

J: Yes, we were, we didn’t know if people will try to connect with that and if they will understand our lyrics correctly. Noone misunderstood us, as far as I know and that’s very good. This it what it is about!

I: „Get To Heaven” sounds better than the previous two albums – it feels like, while producing you were paying more attention to each of the songs. Why?

J: The music on „Get To Heaven” is a paradoxal response to the lyrics. The lyrics come from dark sides of our lives, so the music has to fit, we didn’t want it to be suddenly bright and colorful. Music should always fit the lyrics and I think that’s a problem of many of today’s artists. On the other hand we love playing live, so we didn’t want it to be too dark, because that wasn’t the idea of the record. Thought, understanding and facing the problems – that is what it was about. During promotion of the second album the concerts were delicate. Now we wan’t it to be a bit harder.

I: So how will the tour promoting „Get To Heaven” be?

J: Different. Better? I can’t anwser that question. Promoting „Arc” we couldn’t play many of the songs live. Delicacy – remember? Now during „Get To Heaven” tour, our setlist contains ALL songs off the album. We wanted to make a record, that doesn’t only sound good in the music player, but also live.

I: That means that all songs you created working on „Get To Heaven” made it on the album?

J: Yes! I mean we made a bit too many, so those came on the Deluxe edition on streaming sites and as B-Sides. Of course we had more ideas – around 30 – but using natural selection, we focused only on the best ones.

I: Looking a bit back in the past – did you always want to make music like the one you now promote as Everything Everything?

J: I met Jon at university and knew he is talented. He did the same thing as me, liked the things I liked, I was amazed by his talent. I thought we could do the things we want, if we found the right people. Every one of us brought a important piece into the band, without which we wouldn’t sound like we do now. But coming back to your question – yes, I wanted to create music like this and am proud that it works.

I: So how do you describe your music? Lately there have been a lot of electronic bands coming up, its starting to get quite crowded…

J: No, no, no. We don’t give ourselves tags. We are a band. That’s all. We don’t care about the genre. Us, our music is Everything Everything. Full stop.