Christopher Friedman from Artist Direct Interviews chatted to Jonathan before Everything Everything’s Chicago gig earlier this month.  It’s worth a read – many of the questions are ones we’ve seen answered before but it was interesting to see Jonathan talking about his time in the US and also a little bit more about album 4!  Here’s an excerpt:

CF: The first album; has it had any influence on how you went about 2015’s Get to Heaven?

JH: Yeah, of course. It did. We came out of the box doing lots of kind of weird stuff. And then we kind of reigned it in on the second album and then we kind of mixed it for the third album. The third album was kind of putting up everything we learned back together. And thinking we don’t want to lose this, we don’t want to lose this, and we have to do this. So yeah, everything you do kind of do in the past influences what you do next. Every album is a reaction to the last album in some way. Maybe we will do like a Country album next.

I’m sure he’s joking about EE doing a country album…he’d better be!!!  Read the whole interview HERE