Jeremy had an interesting chat with music blog ‘Will You Music Mag‘ recently.  Subjects included the band’s amazing pair of shows at Glastonbury last year and playing live in general.  Here’s an excerpt (he’s talking about Glastonbury):

“Similar to last time with our previous album Arc, we played two shows; one on a larger stage (that being the other stage) and another on a smaller one, Williams Green. The Other stage was fantastic, it was brilliant to play that stage as it was a larger platform than we had done in the past at a festival, and equally it was great to play the kind of secret Williams Green show for the hardcore. Both shows were really good in different ways, with the smaller show being amazingly emotional.”

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The interview also featured a drawing by Danni Sewell whose work we’ve featured on At The Border several times, most recently with our Christmas banner!  This is the band playing at Glastonbury, featuring Jonathan’s yellow wellies!