In case you missed it, Everything Everything answered lots of fan questions on Reddit a couple of days ago and Sam Lea kindly copied their responses in a concise and easy-to-read format so that we could post them here for you.  You can read the whole thing (with all the non-band responses and the questions that didn’t get answered) HERE

Everything Everything Reddit AMA – 18 July 2017


Which song on the new album was the most difficult to put together? Whether the most challenging to write, record or a combination of things. Thanks!

I think Long Knives was the biggest battle in the studio, the arrangement was hard to perfect. The Demo had this outrageous math riff which we had to cut sadly which was a shame but it was getting quite prog so probably a good thing.

Most the other tracks were written over a long period of time on the road so never really felt like they were too difficult really, they just came together over time. Put Me Together particularly went through a lot of lives before it settled to where it is now.



My question is what is your song writing process like? How do you go about crafting such interesting music and intricate lyrics? What are your main influences?

generally start with something on a laptop, we record straight in on the road with guitars and vocals and program bass and usually more electronic drums etc.

Tried to write one thing a day whilst on the road and then come back to them when we have free time after to develop them into more fully formed songs.

My question: In Suffragette Suffragette, did you mean for it to sound like you were saying “Who’s gonna sit on your face,” or was that just a happy accident?

Hi Andrew!

We knew this question would come up, im afraid i dont know the answer..



Will there be/when will the next sin