Here are some of the playlists that the band have created which will give you an idea of the sort of music they like and have been influenced by.

Q Magazine (September 2010)

Jonathan created this playlist. His comment is here.

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Everything Everything Facebook (October 2010)

The band released this playlist on their Facebook. Read why they chose these tracks here.

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CMU (October 2010)

This playlist is Jeremy’s favourite songs. Read about his selections here.

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The Reykjavik Grapevine (October 2010)

Jonathan chose five tracks at the end of this interview.

BBC 6 Music Nemone (May 2011)

The band’s favourites tracks. Listen to the interview with Jeremy here.

New Year’s Day (January 2013)

I’m not sure where this playlist was originally published but I recreated it in Spotify so I could listen to it more easily.

Spotify Link

BBC Radio 1 Annie Mac’s Friday Night (January 2013)

Bedtime mix by Everything Everything.


Farfetch – Swear by Music (March 2013)

The band created a 25-track playlist for Farfetch’s Swear by Music campaign. They designed their original shoes and performed Don’t Try.

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Topman Generation (April 2013)

The original page is no longer available. The band chose on-the-road tracks.

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Q Magazine (February 2014)

This playlist was created by the band for Q Magazine in February 2014 but the original page appears to be unavailable.  I’ve recreated it in Spotify as far as I can.

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Get To Heaven – Influences, Inspiration & Respite (May 2015)

The band released this Spotify playlist a month or so before Get To Heaven and it provides a unique insight into the music they were listening to when they wrote and recorded the album.

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May 2015

Another general Spotify playlist from the band, mostly artists that are less well known.

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June 2015

Similar to the May one but perhaps with more established/well known artists.

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Glastonbury 2015 (June 2015)

Spotify playlist featuring artists who were performing at Glastonbury.

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Redbull Mix (June 2015)

To celebrate the band’s return to Scotland for T in the Park, Jonathan did an exclusive 45-minute mix of his favourite Scottish artists for Red Bull.


Indieshuffle (July 2015)

Playlist originally created for Indieshuffle, most of which I have recreated on Spotify.  Link to original playlist.

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Deezer (July 2015)

The band added some tracks to Deezer’s Indie Weekly Playlist – link to original playlist. I’ve listed what I think were the tracks they selected for Deezer to Spotify.

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Reading & Leeds 2015 (August 2015)

Playlist featuring artists performing at the 2015 Reading & Leeds Festival.

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SubTV Music YouTube (May 2016)

A very varied video playlist of the band’s favourite songs

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A Fever Dream Influences (August 2017)

Spotify version of the playlist on the band’s homepage of their web site when AFD was released (thanks to Marco for making the Spotify version)

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Jeremy’s Radio Show (June 2017)

My own playlist of all the tunes Jeremy has played on his MCR Live show – will be updated on a monthly basis for as long as Jeremy does his show.

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Wild Honey Pie Guest List (October 2017)

A selection of favourite and influential songs curated by the band

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