This is the third and final part of our 2018 Fan Q&A.  You can find the first part HERE and the second part HERE

The Past & The Future

Matty Norris

Regarding your respected instruments, what were the first models/kits you ever bought/received?

Jon – mine were just shocking guitars made of shit. I recall one being a Marlin. It was crap.

Gabriele Ilardi

Jon, what was the first ever EE song you wrote? When was it?

I think maybe DNA Dump! Or Luddites & Lambs. Oh no it was Weights, definitely because I wrote it for part of my uni coursework! That was in 2005/6 i reckon.

Sam Lea

Could Jon’s Axiom keyboard ever make a re-appearance on-stage?

Absolutely not. We chucked it away in a skip a few years ago but weirdly enough it resurfaced recently when a friend on a stag-do found it, recognised the songs on the stickers and carried it around on a pub crawl. Current whereabouts unknown.

Duncan McInnes

Is there any development on the feel/tone of the next album? – i.e. GTH included political & current affairs of the time so will they be doing similar or moving off to another specific topic?

Tonally id like it to be very different, more “real” as dave sardine would say. Probably won’t be though. Thematically i really want a big change, to talk more about animality rather than society. Again i don’t know what will come out in the process.

Taylor Jones

Is the next album nearing recording yet? And if so, when can we expect to listen to it?

Not at all, we have 2 demos i think, neither of which have even been heard by the whole band! And they aren’t that good. Expect it shortly before Half-Life 3.


Duncan McInnes

Is it unnatural/unfair of fans to want your reputation/image to stay low to keep the exclusive feel surrounding the band(‘s name)?

No it’s normal i think. We attract very die-hard fans, which is really cool. I don’t really see how this desire would manifest though, i can’t see it being a “problem” in any way.

Emily G

Is there anything fans seem to have taken and run with and/or “meme-ified” that you really weren’t expecting to become such a big deal?

Well there was that whole Blast Doors meme that was totally insane, and I guess the name of this fan group was quite unexpected.

Thomas Graham

What is the best fan interaction you’ve had?

Probably the guy in a gimp mask fellating a big dildo in front of us during our acoustic set at Reading 2009, on the BBC Introducing stage. Oh and it was being broadcast live on Radio 1. And we were playing a Shakira song. Badly.

Sam Lea

If it were crowd-funded, would you ever considering doing a show consisting of nothing but B-sides / rarities – and what would be a realistic monetary figure to make this happen?

1 Billion dollars.

Taylor Jones

Is there a chance of a b-side set/fan vote set?

Theoretically there is a chance.

Emma ATB

While in a slightly intoxicated state earlier this year, I asked you via DM if you’d consider doing a special small fan gig for us and you replied ‘theoretically yes’!  There is a very great desire for this to happen at some point in the future…what can we do to progress this??

Keep bringing it up! Right now our minds are set on writing so live stuff is a long way off.


What’s it like having the best fan community in the world?

INCREDIBLE. Seriously it’s very humbling and we feel really privileged to have so many people that are interested in our band.

Random Questions!

Alex Donellan

Can the guys speak any other languages? if so, which ones?

Jeremy thinks he can speak Italian and French. I can say about 40 words in japanese.

Tom Baker

For Jon: You probably don’t remember, but in 2016 as a very budding journalist I basically managed to blag my way into interviewing you guys at the Goose Island Block Party festival in Shoreditch. I remember asking you at the time a pretty deep question about whether you thought music could be objectively measured in terms of quality? Have you had a chance to stew on that at all?

It was a gig sponsored by beer mate i don’t recall anything. You can compare musical elements to each other (this song is more complex, this song mixed more clearly, this song has more soul) but all the ratings you’d apply would be subjective. “Quality” is itself quite a strange term really, it means something different to everyone.

Joel Wilson

Have any of you found solace, hope and life-affirmation in your interactions with your neighbours in contrast to themes in ‘A Fever Dream’?

My neighbours are actually really nice, i’m the anti-social one on my street. Jeremy has a good rapport with his Jamaican neighbour. And by rapport i mean FOOD

Jachin Mee

Does Thomas Silhouette represent anyone or anything in particular? is he the politician/martyr/the man that is going to commit a terrible act on Get To Heaven?

You’re very close yes, the name itself has meaning too.

Sue Denim

What’s the most wildly inappropriate question you’ve ever been asked?

None of us are fond of questions about our personal lives/relationships etc.


What are your hobbies??

Alex likes rock-climbing. Jeremy likes drinking.

Joel Wilson

Jon, you stated: “Never tell me that we can’t go further,” is me saying ‘don’t say the relationship can’t go on’ but also ‘I think we can all, as a society, can do better’. Is the UK as a society too fractured to experience significant social change through people power for the foreseeable future?

Sadly the original lyric was “what you mean is that we can’t go further”, which is much more negative (and doesn’t scan as well). I swapped it out at the last minute. You could argue that we are experiencing the social change now anyway – it’s just changing in a way you probably don’t mean (or want). To be honest I wouldn’t rule anything out in the current climate, so many people are angry – both sides of this current shitshow, but also before this began and in so many different areas of society, a big shift is/was pretty much inevitable. We are in the middle of it right now, so i would say yes things can change despite the fracture, maybe even due to the fracture. Maybe the fracture is the change, we have to adjust to being separated from one-another going forward. No more Two Ronnies at christmas!

Jachin Mee

Would you be open to releasing a full version of David’s House? (I would love nothing more than that)

Unfortunately we have no access to the masters, and Dave Sardine is such a perfectionist it’s unlikely he’ll ever finish it. Also, until very recently he’s been addicted to Spice and facial surgery and lived under a bridge so he doesn’t exactly answer his email anymore. He can sometimes be found in AOL chatrooms even though the servers were shut down before the millenium. Very fucking spooky if you ask me.

Duncan McInnes

For Mike – would he consider doing a drum clinic/show in regards to his musical style? (I’m a fellow drummer so Spearman is my first port of call when any new material is released hence the question) – I know he has done previous interviews for drum magazines already but a clinic would be saweeet.

Thanks! Not sure about a drum clinic but I’m always happy to do interviews as am a drum nerd. I’m doing a podcast next week called Stories From The Seat so look out for that – Mike

Wendy Garcia

What is your most memorable dream/nightmare?

Open topped red car speeding down the road on a sunny day with a kid from school in the backseat but his head is huge and is in fact an apple. His name was Alan Armstrong and i haven’t seen him in at least 25 years.


What’s your karaoke song?

  • Kiss From a Rose for Jon.
  • Jeremy does an amazing Regulate.
  • Mike is very fond of Red Red Wine by UB40, just generally in life as well as karaoke.

Jachin Mee

If you had to name a new band after one of your songs, which song name would make the best band name?

Yuppie Supper.


What’s the best EE lyrics to get tattooed?

Wise enough to know myself.

Anna Hall

For Jeremy/Jon – Where did your penchant for cats stem from?

Cat obsessed girlfriends.

Marco Alvarez

Do you support the LGBTQ community?

Absolutely. Sad that this is even a question.

Joel Wilson

How frequently do you face ethical decisions as a band? (for example: playing a festival with a key sponsor you disagree with)

A few times a year i guess, though so far we haven’t encountered any really difficult ones.

Marco Alvarez

What’s your favourite moment/event in worldwide history?

Black Death/Great Fire of London 1665/1666 – total shitshow. Also fond of the gin craze in the 18th century.

Rees Cooper

Will we ever see Dave Sardine again?

Of course.

Elisabete & Gabriele Ilardi

What TV shows are you guys currently into/favourite TV series?

The Terror

Laura Isdahl

What is your favourite video game (for those that play games)?

Jon enjoys Pubg and Quake 1. Alex loves Dark Souls and Super Bomberman 5 multiplayer.

Stuart Peskett

What’s your favourite wine?


What’s your favourite spirit?


Lois McCulla

If any subculture widely adopted your music which one would you want it to be?

The LARPing community. Incels.


Which chords/chord progressions do you like?

D minor. F.

Stuart Peskett

What do you think of the film that shall not be named?



Which guitar riffs do you like? (Either your music or others’)

In the Fade by QOTSA


Your lyrics reflect what’s happening in our time. Is it possible that a song is contemporary yet timeless? What do you think about striking a balance between them? Which is more important for you?

If the lyrics are good they will work at any time. Timeless is way more important. When you hear Eminem talk about Sarah Palin it just creaks aaaargh i hate that.

Melissa Thierry-Bonnano

Jon, ever thought of doing a solo/side project?

Not really, i get to make the type of stuff i really want to in EE.

Gabriele Ilardi

What song is the one Alex Niven was singing here: around 14 minutes in? Will it ever see the light of day?

It’s called The Worm Turned, and it’s incredibly unlikely to see the light of day as we never recorded it. Written by Alex N.


Attending your gigs over the past few months I noticed that Jon’s guitar has a sticker directly referencing the Weyland Yutani Corporation, from the original Alien franchise on it. I would like to know what was it about the films that so prompted him to make such an overt dedication to it; in what way was it meaningful, relevant besides being just a fan?  And if possible, can this question segue into what other films/series the guys are fans of or have maybe directly/indirectly influenced their creative processes in similar ways?

I’ve long been a fan of the Alien franchise and the Weyland-Yutani megcorp is one of those perfect evil fictional companies that put profit above morality and ethics to an extreme extent. I liked the idea of being “sponsored” by this vast, faceless, evil company while i sing my songs about love and life, i don’t really know why. Some sort of big fuck you to my teenage self with all his little hopes and dreams i guess, and i wanted to get in there before any questions about “selling out” would ever come my way, like, i’m already in bed with Weyland-Yutani you can’t judge me for this BMW advert! It’s also a little reminder to myself about where i came from and where i’m going.

Movie soundtracks often get under our skin and influence, Terminator, Blade Runner, There will be Blood.

Andrew Siemann

Since Mike was unable to be there for the most recent American tour, how well does he feel Jon captured his disgust during the Anything Anything re-creation? Seems a bit too happy if you ask me. Thanks -The Anything Anything t-shirt guy

I was channeling mike’s inner peace.


I guess this is mainly for Jon though I’d love other opinions here… You’ve been very open in the past about battles you’ve had with mental health issues and this has been prominent in your lyrics, on Arc in particular. I’m wondering how great an impact that having this outlet, both regarding writing as well as performing and speaking to fans etc, has had in terms of alleviating that? Or does that come with its own difficulties? As someone who has been struggling myself for some time, music is often the main thing that keeps me going forward so I’m curious to get your thoughts on this. (And thank you for your contribution, bands like yours give my and others’ feelings a voice and I can’t thank you enough❤️)

Thanks for the question i know this can be a bit difficult to reveal. I find writing about it a great help, even if all i’m saying is “feeling a bit crap” it can be good just to eject that into something, and in some ways it leaves you alone for a bit. I’m really lucky to get the opportunity to do that. In terms of fan interaction it’s rare that my own troubles would be alleviated because i always keep my actual personal shit under wraps, despite singing about my feelings, nobody really knows who i am, which is how i would like to remain. It’s extremely touching to hear how our music has affected others or helped or healed them, it’s just a genuinely incredible thing to hear and none of us really know how to process it, despite that being an indication that this thing we’ve made has a tangible value and means so much to somebody. One thing that happens often is that people create a projection of who or what they think you are, and that can sometimes jar with reality. I don’t really care if someone thinks something untrue about my feelings or problems i just worry that i’ll shatter illusions or maybe be a bad influence on people. For example my sense of humour can be extreme sometimes and i fear it’ll be misinterpreted, or something very satirical, something very sarcastic is taken seriously (especially online) and I wonder what the fuck people are thinking! But this is not really an answer to the question, yes i do think it helps me to feel accepted, but at the same time it’s pushed my real, private feelings underground even more perhaps. It’s a double-edged sword.

That’s it! Hope you enjoyed reading all the questions and answers – maybe we’ll try for another one in a couple of years 😀

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