This is the third and final part of our 2018 Fan Q&A.  You can find the first part HERE and the second part HERE

The Past & The Future

Matty Norris

Regarding your respected instruments, what were the first models/kits you ever bought/received?

Jon – mine were just shocking guitars made of shit. I recall one being a Marlin. It was crap.

Gabriele Ilardi

Jon, what was the first ever EE song you wrote? When was it?

I think maybe DNA Dump! Or Luddites & Lambs. Oh no it was Weights, definitely because I wrote it for part of my uni coursework! That was in 2005/6 i reckon.

Sam Lea

Could Jon’s Axiom keyboard ever make a re-appearance on-stage?

Absolutely not. We chucked it away in a skip a few years ago but weirdly enough it resurfaced recently when a friend on a stag-do found it, recognised the songs on the stickers and carried it around on a pub crawl. Current whereabouts unknown.

Duncan McInnes

Is there any development on the feel/tone of the next album? – i.e. GTH included political & current affairs of the time so will they be doing similar or moving off to another specific topic?

Tonally id like it to be very different, more “real” as dave sardine would say. Probably won’t be though. Thematically i really want a big change, to talk more about animality rather than society. Again i don’t know what will come out in the process.

Taylor Jones

Is the next album nearing recording yet? And if so, when can we expect to listen to it?

Not at all, we have 2 demos i think, neither of which have even been heard by the whole band! And they aren’t that good. Expect it shortly before Half-Life 3.


Duncan McInnes

Is it unnatural/unfair of fans to want your reputation/image to stay low to keep the exclusive feel surrounding the band(‘s name)?

No it’s normal i think. We attract very die-hard fans, which is really cool. I don’t really see how this desire would