This is the second part of our 2018 Fan Q&A – you can find part 1 HERE and part 3 HERE

Playing Live/Touring

Calum Pooley

Is there any chance we’ll ever hear any rarities/ B-sides like Luddites and Lambs or Wizard talk live? Or any chance of a compilation type release for these kinds of songs?

Well wizard talk is impossible to sing soooo….

Hearing these rarities live is unlikely, we have such a limited amount of space for unusual things. However a release isn’t a crazy idea, we’ve discussed it a few times. I would say “eventually”, but not going to put a date on that!

JabroniJack & Jake Bird

Do you have plans to play any more songs from Man Alive at gigs any time soon?

Yes we always get to the end of a tour/summer and talk about how much we miss X or Y or Z from old albums and intend to play them next time. So i would say that counts as a plan.

Would you consider doing some Man Alive 10th anniversary shows in 2020?

Yep it’s been discussed, we can never tell how much of an appetite there would be for it. Maybe ONE show where we play the whole thing? I dunno.

Gabriele Ilardi

I loved so much seeing you guys in Berlin, and I loved the fact that you brought back Qwerty Finger to the setlist. Will there be any chances for other MA tracks in the future?

Yes always a chance, even for Come Alive Diana!

Gillie van der Eyken

Intimate gig, stadium or festival? And….do you fancy an intimate gig for the first 1000 fans in the group – Exeter would be great!!! 😉

All options are good, they all have a place in our hearts.


Do you ever fart on stage?

Never. Guitar techs do this.

Ben Wisden,  Charlie Hughes & Marco Alvarez

Which song does each band member enjoy playing the most, and what’s Jon’s favourite lyric to sing?

Jon likes to sing Zero Pharaoh and