A few months ago we asked for your questions to put to the band.  We had a massive response of over 120 questions and, astonishingly, the band chose to answer virtually all of them, even though we said they didn’t need to!! This is part 1 of 3 and covers the band’s discography and writing process.  Further topics in parts 2 and 3 include playing live/touring, other artists, past and future, EE fans, and assorted random questions!  A big thank you to everyone who submitted a question and to the band for being so generous in answering so many of them. All answers are by Jonathan unless stated otherwise.  


Alex Donellan

What’s the story behind the New Deep intro? How was that thought up, what’s the person doing in it?

That’s the sound of Jeremy walking through the studio, me (Jon) walking behind him wearing binaural headphones, we walk from outdoors to where Mike is playing the piano. Basically we had these binaural microphones and were experimenting with them. Jeremy scuffs his feet a little bit too in time with the piano which I felt was “unrealistic”, but whatever.

Duncan McInnes

Is it true ‘The Wheel (is turning now)’ carries on into a secret additional unreleased song?

Erm, not really no. I mean Alex’s original demo of the ending maybe went on a bit longer.

Lyra Messier

How did the outro to The Wheel come about? Was it written at the same time as the rest of the song? That bit has always fascinated me because it sounds so different.

It was written all at the same time in a few hours. Jon had just written fortune 500 and I felt inspired to make something with extreme shifts in tone, the chorus’ used to be wildly different from the verses as well. I wanted to make something that felt insane, like flicking through radio stations. It was about short attention spans musically I guess! – Alex

Matty Norris

Recently the ATB group came together to create an ultimate EE album, taking each song in relation to its track-listing & battling them out with the corresponding tracks across all 4 albums. This was the final result. Thoughts? Any surprises?”