RE-ANIMATOR – Track by Track

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Even before 2020 began to do its worst, Everything Everything’s Jonathan Higgs was tired of reflecting on the world’s horrors. He’d done it on his band’s third album Get to Heaven in 2015, and again on 2017’s Mercury-nominated A Fever Dream. “I hit a brick wall and thought, ‘I don’t want to talk about how I’m miserable all the time,’” he tells Apple Music. “I don’t want to talk about how crap the world is. I want to talk about something new, something a bit more hopeful and something a bit more rejuvenated.” That something revealed itself when Higgs read about bicameral mind theory in psychology and neuroscience, which proposes that the human mind was once divided into two separate chambers—one that spoke and one that listened. As the hypothesis goes, the evolution of those two minds into one marked the dawn of human consciousness. “It blew my mind in a new way and made me think about big questions,” he says. Soon, songs about detachment, resurrection, bogeymen, and deities composed of congealed fat began to form for this, the band’s fifth album.

With these new lyrical ideas blossoming, the four-piece also found new ways to make music. Previously they would methodically build perfection: recording multiple takes of one song and binding together the best bits and snippets. RE-ANIMATOR embraces a looser, faster process—without sacrificing their knack for fusing art-rock experimentation with pop hooks. “We just got everything done in two weeks,” says m