RE-ANIMATOR Press Release – July 2020

Back from the brink. Back to what they do best, which is make beautiful, provocative, literate, status quo-challenging, mood-enhancing, twice-Mercury-nominated music. Back to everything Everything Everything ever wanted to do.

Back to big-thinking, big-tune brilliance, and forward to Re-Animator, the fifth album by Jon Higgs (vocals, guitars), Jeremy Pritchard (bass), Alex Robertshaw (guitars, keyboards) and Michael Spearman (drums).

After the near back-to-back albums that were the coruscating, world-going-to-hell prescience of Get To Heaven (Higgs in 2015: “After we’d finished the record, I read the lyrics back and I realised I’d written a horror bible”) and the politically and socially thorny A Fever Dream (Higgs in 2017: “I was kind of embroiled in the whole culture of Reddit, being online and seeing how many social laws break down in that frontier of internet communication”), Re-Animator is Everything Everything regrouping and taking a breath.

It is also, in a wholly accidental but no less meaningful way, an album framed by the right here and the right now – a set of songs bracketed by fire, flood and plague.

“Incredibly, on the day that lockdown was announced, our lock-up caught fire,” Pritchard says wryly of their base in an old Victorian mill in Ancoats, north Manchester. “Jon and I turned up to discover the steel door smashed in by the fire brigade, and a fire investigator stood knee-deep in smouldering wood and plastic, trying to work out what had happened. The heat and flames caused a water main to burst, which helped douse the fire but probably caused even more damage to the gear.”

The ferocity of the blaze means that the band are still tabulating their losses.

“But we know that Jon and Alex lost their first ever guitars, both gifts from grandparents, and I lost four basses, including a vintage Precision I was really fond of. But no one was hurt and in 12 years we’d never had a serious robbery, fire or bus crash. I almost feel like we’ve got off lightly. But we’ll see…”

Prepared for like a marathon (a year’s worth of writing and demoing) and nailed like a sprint (a two-week recording burst), Re-Animator is the sound of a band entering a new creative chapter, a new set-up (with their own label deal with AWAL), a new explosion of life.

“It’s a bit of a cliché,” acknowledges Higgs, the band’s lyricist and top-line melodicist, “but we talked a