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News: US Interview and Video

A couple of media things appeared yesterday: first was an interview for GrooveVolt with Jeremy and Michael before their New York City gig last week.  It was mostly about the writing of Get To Heaven, which of course is still a new release in the US.  Here’s a nice quote about Jonathan’s lyric writing!

“It’s Jon who writes the lyrics, but we usually make the titles, having written lyrics since he was 10, so he’s very well versed. He’s very conscious of cliche, and wanting to avoid it. He’s not particularly literary or well read, and doesn’t like fiction, but he is very useful. Jon is just quite analytical in general, but we don’t think he has formally thought about or studied it.”

Read the whole interview HERE

Secondly we have a video interview and acoustic performance of Distant Past, recorded on a LA rooftop right at the start of the US tour for Balcony TV:

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News: Big Interview with Michael Spearman in Rhythm Magazine

Michael had a chat with Rhythm magazine during the November UK tour.  Topics included his musical training, how he adapts the drum parts that Jonathan writes on the laptop, and gives a tour of his current kit.  Unfortunately the 6 page spread isn’t online at the moment but you can get a copy of the magazine (March 2016) from UK newsagents like WH Smith or order it online HERE.  It is also available digitally via iOS App Store or Google Play.

Here’s a sneaky peek:

Michael in March 16 Rhythm magazine

Michael in March 16 Rhythm magazine

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Interview: Michael talks to the Yorkshire Post

Ahead of their performance at Leeds Festival at the end of the month, Michael had a chat with local newspaper, the Yorkshire Post about the reception Get To Heaven has received, the writing process and returning to Leeds, the city where he spent 2 years studying music.  Here’s a quote:

“I have a big place in my heart for Leeds,” he says. “I was only there for two years but it made a big impression on me. I think it’s the perfect student city and the perfect size. I live in Manchester now and that’s a great city as well, but Leeds is a bit more manageable somehow and even in two years I really grew to love it so I always go back to Leeds and have a lot of fondness for it.”

Read the whole interview here

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Interview: Brighton’s Finest

More of an article than an interview on Brighton blog ‘Brighton’s Finest’, but includes a few quotes from Michael.


It feels like in the west that capitalism is something we’ve just grown up with, and it’s our way of life. On the whole, we are a kind of Godless society, and in the west there is this sense of not knowing what is meaningful any more. And then on the other side you’ve got this religious extremism, where they do really feel vehemently about what they are fighting for. Obviously, we can say they are wrong and that some of them are terrorists. But, It’s interesting looking at those two sides; apathy on one side – ‘isn’t the world awful. Never mind, I’ll go and get a coffee from Starbucks’ and on the other side some people are willing to kill themselves.

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Interview: Michael – Premier Drum Co

Here’s an interview that Michael did with Premier Drum Co. recently.  Nice to see that he’s preparing some of my Get To Heaven favourites for the live dates!


Which of the new tracks are you most looking forward to performing live?

To The Blade is fun because it has a wild abandon that we haven’t had for a while. For totally different reasons Warm Healer has an intricate beat that’s a good challenge to play. Similarly, Zero Pharaoh is fiddly but the trick is to make it sound easy, even when it isn’t!

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