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Interview: Alex chats to GoldenPlec

GoldenPlec (Irish music blog) chatted to Alex about Get To Heaven before the band’s set at Longitude.

Jon was heavily influenced by last year’s news. Everyone knows that it was an absolute disaster. Every 5 minutes y’know. And it’s still going on. The process we were in, we were all living at home in Manchester and just stewing in it. It came out heavily in his writing. Generally the record is more about hope, more kind of ‘we can rise above this stuff’ and we shouldn’t ignore it. He’s trying to understand what’s going on.

Full interview here

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Interview: Hot Press

Jonathan talks to Hot Press (Irish magazine) about playing at Longitude and the band’s previous visits to Ireland, among other things.

We played at a little church a few years ago for Other Voices, and the little holiday we had in Dingle was genuinely amazing. We had three days there, and just one show, so we spent the whole time enjoying ourselves. There was a nice atmosphere, the gig was good, and so we’ve just really fond memories.

Interview has now been archived

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