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Interview: Jonathan Higgs from Everything Everything talks to Northern Transmissions

The first interview of 2016! Jonathan chats to Allie Volpe from music blog, Northern Transmissions about the subject matter that inspired Get To Heaven, the state of the world now and the reception the album has received from the public.  Here’s an excerpt:

It feels like the record really connected in the way we wanted it to. It works really well live. People seem to know all the songs, people seem to want to hear the new record—and that’s not always the case when you put one out, people want to hear the old ones quite often. But in this case, everyone was there for the new record and that feels really, really good. It feels like you’re moving in the right direction and people understand what you’re trying to do. Especially when it’s something a little bit different, there’s always that worry when it comes out like “Are people going to accept this?”

Read the whole interview HERE

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Video: FaceCulture Interview with Jonathan & Alex

We’re very pleased that FaceCulture have done another Everything Everything video interview, this time with Jonathan and Alex.  Their 3-part interview with Jonathan after Arc was released is still one of my favourite EE interviews and provided a big insight into the band’s music and lyrics when I was a relatively new fan (I’ll put the links to this below).  This new interview was recorded in Amsterdam, a day after their cancelled Brussels gig due to the ongoing terror threat and again, provides some great insight into the writing of Get To Heaven.  A must-see for any fan.  A second part of the interview has also been released and you can find it below:


Arc interviews with Jonathan:

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News: Art Vinyl Competition

The fantastic cover art for Get To Heaven has been shortlisted for Art Vinyl’s Record Sleeve of the Year 2015.  50 albums have been chosen and the winner is selected via a public vote.  Other shortlisted covers include Blur’s The Magic Whip, Stealing Sheep’s Not Real, Tame Impala’s Currents and Hot Chip’s Why Make Sense.

The cover for Get To Heaven was created by artist Andrew Archer – visit his web site

There’s an article about the award and selected shortlisted covers HERE on Creative Review.

Vote for your top 3 sleeves HERE

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Interview: Jeremy chats to Bristol Live Magazine

Ahead of their biggest tour to date, Jeremy from Everything Everything had a chat with online listings magazine Bristol Live and spoke about playing Get To Heaven live.  Here are a couple of key quotes:

“It’s going to be our longest ever show, with the most amount of ‘information’ in it; we’ve got three albums to pick from now.  We want to play as much of this record as we feel people will stomach and hopefully we’ve got a license to with this one.  We could play every track from the new album and I don’t think it would seem like we were ramming it down their throats. We’re in a pretty lucky position right now”

“I think we’d be foolish and complacent not to follow this album up as quickly and to the best of our ability as we can”

Read the article

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Video: Spring/Sun/Winter/Dread

The new video for the third single from Get To Heaven – Spring/Sun/Winter/Dread was premiered on The Guardian web site this morning.

This is what Jonathan had to say about it on there:

“The song talks about seasons passing and getting older, so we wanted to concentrate on the sun and make it into a kind of oppressive force – positive and life-giving but also burning and destructive,” says Higgs. “We used ultraviolet and infrared cameras to get a look at the sun damage on our skin, and give everything an alien look. We shot in a quarry so we could have a clear horizon and a dry, hot, desert scene.”

View the video here

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News: Third single from Get To Heaven announced!

This morning the band announced that the third single to be taken from Get To Heaven will be Spring/Sun/Winter/Dread which, I’m sure you will agree, is the perfect summer hit!

Here’s the 7″ vinyl artwork:

Spring/Sun/Winter/Dread cover

Spring/Sun/Winter/Dread cover

The band also released the audio track on their YouTube:

The official video will be revealed very soon and we will post it here as soon as possible, as well as the link to purchase the vinyl single!

UPDATE: The Band’s PR firm CharmFactory have tweeted today (21/07) that the single will be released on 4th September.

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Review: The SU Independent (Get To Heaven)

This is, without a doubt, my favourite review of Get To Heaven.  Do have a read, it’s brilliant!

Here’s a choice quote:

“Spring / Sun / Winter / Dread” isn’t the theme song for St. George. It could be, though, if it weren’t for that medieval dancing law. ‘Cause once it drops, asses shall shake, city ordinances be damned. Seriously, these guys should teach a course at Harvard entitled “How To Get Down Wit’ It.” Once they’ve established what is just about the most slaphappy groove ever conceived, they pull the drums and bass out and lay down this gorgeous little stanza:

You are a thief and a murderer too
Stole the face that you wear from a craven baboon
Cause you did it to her, and you did it to him
And you did it before and you’ll do it again

Link to full review

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Interview: Jonathan – Sydney Morning Herald

Jonathan has a chat with Australian news paper/web site, The Sydney Morning Herald, about how he got into music, among other things.

“We had this really shitty music software demo.  You couldn’t even save what you were working on,” Higgs recalls, of a childhood spent growing up in the country outside Brampton. “So I’d just record it onto tape, close the program and then it was gone forever. I had all these endless tapes, I think I’ve still got them somewhere.”

Full interview here

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