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Interview: Examiner.com talks to Jonathan ahead of EE’s US Tour

Examiner.com has today published a great article about Everything Everything and exclusive interview with Jonathan.  The band will be heading over to the States next month for SXSW and to support The Joy Formidable on their tour.  Here’s an excerpt of the interview:

Examiner: Have you guys gotten over the news of Bowie’s death? I’d imagine he would have been one of your heroes?

JH: It’s affected everybody, not just people in music. I spent a lot of time in stupid corners of the internet and often there will be people saying they hated someone or did not like what they did but I haven’t seen any of it this time. Everybody has either been inspired by him, or have at least one Bowie favorite song. It’s just very depressing and we all feel the loss.

Read the whole thing HERE

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News: Big Interview with Michael Spearman in Rhythm Magazine

Michael had a chat with Rhythm magazine during the November UK tour.  Topics included his musical training, how he adapts the drum parts that Jonathan writes on the laptop, and gives a tour of his current kit.  Unfortunately the 6 page spread isn’t online at the moment but you can get a copy of the magazine (March 2016) from UK newsagents like WH Smith or order it online HERE.  It is also available digitally via iOS App Store or Google Play.

Here’s a sneaky peek:

Michael in March 16 Rhythm magazine

Michael in March 16 Rhythm magazine

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News: Jeremy writes for Huff Post

Jeremy wrote an interesting piece on Huffington Post yesterday regarding the band’s DJ set raising money for Syria tonight in London.  Here’s an excerpt:

Being in a band means there isn’t always much we can do to help causes through our work. So if we’re asked, we try to take the opportunities. What’s going on in Syria at the moment is so obviously pertinent, so present. The politics are enormously complicated and we don’t profess to know half enough about it. But at its core is the biggest humanitarian crisis of our lifetime, and human beings who simply want to survive, who want their children to be safe.

Read the whole piece HERE

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Article: Jonathan chooses his favourite albums for The Quietus

Jonathan has just given music blog, The Quietus, a list of his ‘Baker’s Dozen’ favourite albums.  Unsurprisingly it includes albums by Radiohead and The Beatles, but there are also some unexpected choices too!  This is some of what he had to say about Kid A:

It’s really slapdash in the way it’s recorded, it’s really awkwardly mixed. It sounds like they’ve done it themselves out of old pieces of machinery that shouldn’t work anymore. Gone are all the shiny, beautiful guitar tones and high production. Even his (Thom Yorke’s) voice is beautiful and yet it’s been corrupted and you can’t really hear what he’s saying, and he’s singing falsetto. All the stuff that we kind of relied on them for all got chucked in the bin and that’s just fucking awesome!

Link to article

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Article: Was Taylor Swift vs Apple Music a publicity stunt?

This short article appeared on HotPress.com and the author spoke to Gus from Alt-J and EE’s Jonathan. A few juicy quotes were provided – this is one of the cleaner ones!

Anyway, I think it’s all gone, there’s no real music industry like there used to be. No one will pay for it anymore and no consumers seem to realise what that’s going to do, what that’s already done to music.  – Jonathan Higgs

Link to article

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Interview: Brighton’s Finest

More of an article than an interview on Brighton blog ‘Brighton’s Finest’, but includes a few quotes from Michael.


It feels like in the west that capitalism is something we’ve just grown up with, and it’s our way of life. On the whole, we are a kind of Godless society, and in the west there is this sense of not knowing what is meaningful any more. And then on the other side you’ve got this religious extremism, where they do really feel vehemently about what they are fighting for. Obviously, we can say they are wrong and that some of them are terrorists. But, It’s interesting looking at those two sides; apathy on one side – ‘isn’t the world awful. Never mind, I’ll go and get a coffee from Starbucks’ and on the other side some people are willing to kill themselves.

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