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News: Everything Everything Announcement 5pm (BST) TODAY!

After posting two cryptic video teasers, featuring a glitchy yacht on a stormy sea, the band posted a third teaser at 9am this morning with the text “5pm”!  We have no idea what will happen at 5pm but if they follow a similar pattern to the last album reveal, it’s most likely an announcement for a new single which will probably be premiered on a UK radio station in a week or two (last time it was on BBC Radio 1, followed by XFM shortly after).

We’ll update with another news post after 5pm!

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Gallery – Everything Everything in the Studio working on Album 4

Everything Everything have been posting regular photo updates as they write and record Album 4. Locations include the band’s rehearsal studio in Manchester, Parr St Studios in Liverpool and Angelic Studios in Northamptonshire and show the band working with producer James Ford.  Most of these have been posted on their Instagram but have also been occasionally tweeted or put on their Facebook page. We’ve brought all these photos together into an album so that they can be enjoyed as a collection on our Gallery page HERE and we’ll continue to add new ones as they’re posted.  

The Gallery page also has an album of photos the band posted while they were working on Get To Heaven.

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Interview: Jeremy from Everything Everything talks to Skiddle.com

A new interview with Jeremy appeared today on skiddle.com.  He chats about the band going to Russia a few weeks ago, their upcoming US tour with The Joy Formidable, Get To Heaven, album 4 and more.

On playing in Russia:

“It’s going to open up I think and become more receptive to western artists; I think people here have political reservations about going there and that did occur to us, but ultimately it was the same when we went to China and you’re just playing to music fans.

You know we wouldn’t do it if were booked to go to the Kremlin and play a corporate but that’s not what it’s about. We’re not supporting any regime by playing anywhere. “

Read the whole interview HERE

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