/Interview: Alex & Jonathan talk to Total Guitar Magazine

Interview: Alex & Jonathan talk to Total Guitar Magazine

An interview with the two guitarists in the band was published on Music Radar today.  A writer from Total Guitar magazine chatted to Jonathan and Alex while they were on their headline UK tour last November and in the interview the two talk about their musical education, influences and experience and how they write for and play their guitars.  It’s fascinating to read a more detailed piece, especially following the equally interesting interview with Michael in Rhythm recently.  I’m not sure if this interview appears in print at all but you can read the whole thing online.  Here’s an excerpt:

Alex: “Once a song is filled up with all of these great sounds do you really want to play big chords and strum? No, it would be a mess. You have to think about the sonic space that is left over. That’s how it was for the first two records. On the new album we made a conscious effort to write from a guitar point of view.”

Read the whole interview HERE

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