Gallery – Everything Everything in the Studio working on Album 4

Everything Everything have been posting regular photo updates as they write and record Album 4. Locations include the band’s rehearsal studio in Manchester, Parr St Studios in Liverpool and Angelic Studios in Northamptonshire and show the band working with producer James Ford.  Most of these have been posted on their Instagram but have also been occasionally tweeted or put on their Facebook page. We’ve brought all these photos together into an album so that they can be enjoyed as a collection on our Gallery page HERE and we’ll continue to add new ones as they’re posted.  

The Gallery page also has an album of photos the band posted while they were working on Get To Heaven.

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Gig Report: Love Saves The Day

As one of Everything Everything’s more mature fans, I went far out of my comfort zone and braved Bristol dance music festival ‘Love Saves The Day’ in order to catch the band’s hour-long slot, just before the Saturday headliners Hot Chip!  It was well worth it though as I got a great spot on the barrier in front of Alex and had a fantastic time enjoying EE’s first festival set of the year.  As appropriate for a festival that mostly featured up-tempo electronic dance music and DJ sets, the band’s set featured their most energetic and sing-along tunes.  Blast Doors was the perfect opening song, grabbing the crowd’s attention and setting the tone for what was to follow.  Energy levels were kept high with songs including Kemosabe, MY KZ, YR BF, Get To Heaven, Spring/Sun/Winter/Dread, Regret and Don’t Try.  The crowd were really enthusiastic and enjoyed dancing and singing along.  No Reptiles went down really well, as it always does, and they finished with the ideal festival set closer, Distant Past!

I took a few photos which I’ve posted in an album on the ATB Facebook page but here are a few of my favourites:





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Radio: Everything Everything on BBC 6 Music This Afternoon!

Tune in from 1pm (GMT) to hear the Radcliffe & Maconie Show which is coming from Manchester’s Christmas Markets and features, among others, EVERYTHING EVERYTHING!

UPDATED: here’s the link if you want to listen – the band are on from 12 mins 20 secs: LISTEN

EE on Radcliffe & Maconie 6 Music

3/4 of EE at the Radcliffe & Maconie Christmas show (photo from 6 Music Twitter):

EE at 6 Music Radcliffe & Maconie


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Photos: Boardmasters 2015

Some great photos from Everything Everything’s Friday evening performance on the main stage at the Boardmasters festival in Cornwall, taken by Andrew Hobbs.  I love that EE always seem to play when the sun is setting and it makes for some lovely shots – see this one from their previous performance in 2013.  The page has all the photos the photographer has taken during the course of the evening but the EE shots are numbers 70 to 79.

Here’s my favourite: http://www.andrewhobbsphotography.co.uk/boardmasters-2015-friday/e52502ed5

Link to all the photos

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