Emma & Emma’s EE Emoji Quiz!

Guess the EE song titles from the emoji clues. Extra points for guessing two particularly tricky ones. Warning: some clues are a bit vague/rubbish! Answers below.

EE Emoji Quiz

1. To The Blade, 2. Duet, 3. Choice Mountain, 4. Leave The Engine Room (yes, this is a particularly rubbish clue!), 5. Blast Doors, 6. President Heartbeat, 7. Fortune 500, 8. Luddites & Lambs, 9. No Reptiles, 10. Feet for Hands, 11. The Wheel (Is Turning Now), 12. Riot on the Ward (you get an extra point if you guessed this one!!), 13. Spring/Sun/Winter/Dread, 14. MY KZ, YR BF, 15. Schoolin’, 16. Photoshop Handsome, 17. We Sleep in Pairs, 18. Brainchild, 19. Airstrike on your Forehead (extra point for this one too!), 20. +Pendolino, 21. Cough Cough, 22. Kemosabe.