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Playing Live/Touring

Calum Pooley

Is there any chance we’ll ever hear any rarities/ B-sides like Luddites and Lambs or Wizard talk live? Or any chance of a compilation type release for these kinds of songs?

Well wizard talk is impossible to sing soooo….

Hearing these rarities live is unlikely, we have such a limited amount of space for unusual things. However a release isn’t a crazy idea, we’ve discussed it a few times. I would say “eventually”, but not going to put a date on that!

JabroniJack & Jake Bird

Do you have plans to play any more songs from Man Alive at gigs any time soon?

Yes we always get to the end of a tour/summer and talk about how much we miss X or Y or Z from old albums and intend to play them next time. So i would say that counts as a plan.

Would you consider doing some Man Alive 10th anniversary shows in 2020?

Yep it’s been discussed, we can never tell how much of an appetite there would be for it. Maybe ONE show where we play the whole thing? I dunno.

Gabriele Ilardi

I loved so much seeing you guys in Berlin, and I loved the fact that you brought back Qwerty Finger to the setlist. Will there be any chances for other MA tracks in the future?

Yes always a chance, even for Come Alive Diana!

Gillie van der Eyken

Intimate gig, stadium or festival? And….do you fancy an intimate gig for the first 1000 fans in the group – Exeter would be great!!! 😉

All options are good, they all have a place in our hearts.


Do you ever fart on stage?

Never. Guitar techs do this.

Ben Wisden,  Charlie Hughes & Marco Alvarez

Which song does each band member enjoy playing the most, and what’s Jon’s favourite lyric to sing?

Jon likes to sing Zero Pharaoh and The Wheel as they have both been imbued with greater significance since 2015.

Pepe Gonzalez

Do you have any confirmation of a concert in Chile and in South America?

Unfortunately not, South America is genuinely at the top of my wish-list of locations i’d like to visit or tour.

Marco Alvarez

Do you plan on going to Latin America on tour?

Our plan is: “we would love to”, but at the moment we don’t have any bookings or anything there. Always on our mind!


We are really looking forward to seeing you live in South America, are we going to see you soon? Also we are considering having a crowdfunding to make the band come to Brazil, we would like to know what you guys think about it.

It would be incredible to visit South America!


You have a lot of Brazilian fans. How can we help you guys to make a show over here?

I dont know how we have so many fans in Brazil but look at all these questions! The best way is to keep making a fuss about us coming, if promoters think we have a good fanbase they will book a show

Emily G

What are your favorite and least favorite parts of touring in the UK/Europe vs touring in America? They’re clearly very different animals.

(follow up, 1a: what’s the wildest thing you’ve seen at an American audience? since I imagine they are smaller and also much stranger, probably? haha)

America is weird because everyone drives for about 10 hours so you feel kinda responsible and guilty if the show is anything but perfect. Generally the audiences in Europe are very similar to America, it’s not til you get out to Asia that you see a big difference. America is great to tour, so many awesome venues and such a community of gig-goers. We love it there.

Emily G

Since you reinvent your visual/onstage “look” in each album-era of your music, does this mean we are soon going to see the end of the glorious orange coat? What will become of it??

Yes it’s days are numbered, it will go into a vacuum pack bag and be stored with all the other albums. Recently an airline lost our outifts (temporarily) so we had to play a festival in our Man Alive boilersuits, straight out of storage!

Lyra Messier

Why are you not playing to the blade live?
Why are you not playing to the blade live?
Why are you not playing to the blade live?
Are you from Marshall?
Why are you not playing to the blade live?

We played it on the GTH campaign a lot but when it’s in a set with other big guitar songs from AFD like Big Game, Ivory Tower, Run the Numbers, it’s a bit too much of that vibe. Sets have to balanced or nothing has any power, and we wanted to play these newer heavy songs more than To the Blade. Dave Sardine, incidentally, is currently in rehab while he “gets off the Spice”

Avant Garden

Have you decided which song you’ll perform at the Mercury Prize award show? What factors led to the choice and was it easy/difficult to decide democratically?

We played Night of the Long Knives. The choice was made for us in a sense, the producers of the show wanted a single, and we had 4 minutes. That left NOTLK, Desire, Can’t Do and A Fever Dream was sort of a single. We didn’t want to do CD as it was too much like what people expected, and we felt NOTLK would kick more ass than Desire, opting for aggression over “a nice tune”. There wasn’t enough time to do all of AFD and the edit we made didn’t do it justice. We even had to edit NOTLK a bit to make it fit too.

Naomi Ojok

Hi guys, my question to you is in three parts; Did you know Ed O’Brien was coming to see you at the Ally Pally gig?  How did it feel to play at such a huge venue and have one of your heroes present? And did you see me have a little cry at the end?

We did indeed know, and were very happy about it! The whole night/gig was incredible, there was magic in the air. I’ve got the footage from it and it feels very weird to watch bits back, the atmosphere is wild. Your tears are probably on camera too!

Laura Isdahl

What is the best part about playing live and what is the worst part?

The best part is when you all nail something difficult or when you catch each other’s eye and remember how crazy it is that we made this dream actually happen. If you ever see me (jon) laughing during a show it’s usually because i’m thinking “this music is ridiculous” or “how did we fool all these people”. The worst part is when you fuck something up or when something breaks the atmosphere.

Stuart Peskett

What’s the worst technical hitch that’s ever happened at a gig?

Ibiza Rocks, 200…9? I was playing keyboard (i’m jon btw) and guitar and singing. In those days the keys ran off a crappy windows laptop, no backup, so the sound was extremely fragile and tended to fail often. The laptop was out in the sun for a few hours before the show, so when we took the outdoor stage (in front of hundreds of pissed half naked people in a swimming pool) the keyboard DID NOT MAKE A SOUND. We opened with QWERTY (our most ugly, least Ibiza-friendly song) and i immediately had to try and fix the keys, which involved me kneeling down and restarting the laptop. I couldn’t sing as i was fiddling with the laptop so the band just played the whole song without me, in front of a very unimpressed crowd. Absolutely mortifying. Oh and we came offstage and got stuck in the lift!

Melissa Thierry-Bonnano

What’s on your rider (apart from bananas and Brie😉 )?

Right now a load of non-alcoholic drinks which aren’t very nice but we will keep some there to make us healthier. Other than that it’s loads and loads of booze, a roast chicken, some painkillers. Our old tour manager tried to put quiche on there.

Stephen S

Could you describe the process of compiling the setlist before a gig? How much time does it take in average? Do you argue a lot on that matter?

Erm, we tend to start with one we previously played that matches in length and we thought went down well. Then we switch a couple around or in/out depending on mood or what we think the crowd seem to be reacting to/the type of event. It only takes 20 mins or so max i’d say, though it’s usually Jeremy and Mike that actually get stuck into it so I’m probably wrong. We used to argue but we know what works and we’ve all had occasions where we’ve gambled the vibe for our own desires and had less successful shows.

Stuart Peskett

What’s been the most surprising crowd response at a gig?

Probably Glastonbury 2015 when we played No Reptiles and the crowd already knew all the words to the end part. It blew us all away.

Stephen S

Have you ever considered taking a hiatus? Are you ok with so much touring?

I don’t think we tour that much really, lots of other (more successful) bands do far more and have campaigns that might last 3 years on one album. We’re usually done in about 18 months, and (to take the uk for example) we are at a level where we can spend 2 weeks doing a country and it’s kinda done – the venues are quite big now. We’ve all adjusted to touring over the years and I think we all enjoy it a lot.


What is touring life like for Everything Everything? Do you get much opportunity to explore, or if at a festival go to see other artists perform? How often does a festival bill get your name wrong such as the legendary “anything anything” gaffe?

It’s only happened that time i think, though a drunk irishman once called us “whatever whatever”, not sure that was a mistake though. We explore a fair amount, touring is often a lot of cramped conditions followed by everyone splitting as far apart as possible. Too much drinking occurs, that’s the main event.

Other Music

Alice Matthews

With the controversy surrounding artists such as Morrissey, Kanye or xxxtentacion, where do you stand on the debate on discrediting a band/artists creative output based on their actions/opinions?

I don’t really have a set rule, i’m a fan of R Kelly’s music, but listening to it now makes me think about what he’s done, so in a sense my feelings have already made their mind up – i listen to it far less or not at all, it’s almost out of my hands. Same with Morrissey, i hear the smiths and think “what a twat” where i used to think “tell me more, Stephen”, so inevitably i listen to them less. This business of “cancelling” someone immediately is just dishonest i think, the art you loved hasn’t changed, as much as your feelings towards the artist have, they have fucked their own legacy, you don’t need to worry about it so much, if you like the music and aren’t beset by negative associations that’s ok, and if you do get those feelings, avoid the music. Don’t tear others down because they enjoy art in a different way to you, history is littered with total dickbags that probably painted something good, if looking at the painting makes you think of all that bad shit then don’t look at it. They fucked themselves when they broke the rules, the painting didn’t break any, and it’s kind of insane to pretend it did.


Could a collaboration with Dutch Uncles possibly happen someday?

Technically it already has, Jeremy and I sang on “Oh Yeah” by Duncles. We are in the chorus, on the oh yeahs.

Jachin Mee

Will we be blessed with an EE cover of a Radiohead song at some point? that would be amazing

I doubt it, though we’d do a ridiculously good job if i do say so myself.

Pepe Gonzalez

For Jeremy, what are your influences in bass?

Carlos Dengler, Colin Greenwood, Alex James, David Pajo

Emily G

Do any of you have much experience with or feeling toward musical theatre or showtunes? Any you like in particular?

Personally I (jon) don’t really like them.

Stephen S

If you had to listen to only one band/singer until the end of your days, who would it be?

The Beatles. Not a cop-out answer, they have a broad and varied enough discography to last a lifetime.

Ashley Patch

I understand that you’re fans of the band Keane, and that “No Reptiles” was inspired by “A Bad Dream”, which makes me wonder, what are your favourite Keane songs, and/or which Keane song(s) would you like to perform?

Oh yeah, in a sense that’s true, the harmony was an influence. I like most of the first couple of albums, and “Spiralling” is pretty good. We sometimes knock about Bad Dream in rehearsal but with obscene lyrics, we will never perform this.


Jonathan mentioned on an interview he listens to The Away Days from Turkey? Do the rest of the band listen to foreign bands? On the same note…what do you know about Brazilian Music??

We’d love to hear more Brazilian music, we don’t hear enough world music at all!

Vim Fuego

Have the band ever thought of recording anything with a guest rapper?

(ATB follow up – if so, who would you ask to join you?)

Not very seriously, it rarely works out when “indie” bands do this. If it was anyone i’d choose Swae Lee right now.

Rees Cooper & Melissa Thierry-Bonnano

Which band/artist would you most like to collaborate with?



Liam’s or Noel Gallagher’s solo work?

Liam’s record felt more genuine to me. They need each other to be good really. Noel just seems to be bored by everything.

Laura Isdahl

What is the absolute worst album you’ve heard in your life (for everyone)?

  • Jon – Fieldy’s Dreams by KoRn’s bass player Fieldy
  • Alex – Angelic 2 the Core by Corey Feldman
  • Jeremy –  Boulevard by St Germain
  • Mike – Broadway the Hard Way – Frank Zappa


What do you think about the rise of K-pop (especially BTS) in the global music scene?

Its quite cool to have a scene come from the East to challenge the traditionally Western pop world. Having said that, when I hear K-pop I can’t honestly say it sounds any different to American pop, so I’m not sure if there’s really anything musically new happening. CHANGE MY MIND

Melissa Thierry-Bonnano

If you could choose a band to support you on tour, which one would it be?

The Beatles.

Stephen S

Could you name your favourite albums released in 2018?

  • Hunter by Anna Calvi
  • S3RMM by Rae Sremmurd


What are the bands you are listening at the moment?

  • Rae Sremmurd
  • Tunde Olaniran

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