MY KZ, YR BF EP (2011) – Japan


  1. MY KZ, UR BF
  2. MY KZ, UR BF (Clock Opera Remix)
  3. Schoolin’ (Live orchestra track)
  4. Suffragette Suffragette (Live orchestra track)
  5. Tin (The Manhole) (Live at Tokyo)
  6. Photoshop Handsome (Live at Tokyo)
  7. Weights (Live at Tokyo)
  8. Final Form (Everything Everything Remix)

Released on 13/04/2011 in Japan by Vinyl Junkie Recordings (VJR-3112)
Format: CD


Tracks 3 and 4 recorded at Union Chapel, December 2010.
Tracks 5-7 recorded at Shibuya Duo Music Exchange, Tokyo, Japan, 9th August 2010. Live at Summer Sonic Extra (with Blood Red Shoes, Band of Skulls)